Epidemiological features of diarrheal infections in Ukraine

S.I. Doan, N.G. Malysh


According to the official statistical reports of the Ministry of Health in Ukraine using descriptive and analytical methods of epidemiological researches, epidemic process intensity in acute intestinal infections under the current conditions in Ukraine has been studied. It was found that epidemiological situation of acute intestinal infection incidence is unfavourable. The highest rates were registered in the administrative territories adjacent to the Black and Azov Sea as well as in Kharkiv region. Acute intestinal infections of unknown etiology and those caused by viruses and opportunistic pathogens prevail in the nosological structure. Epidemiological situation of acute intestinal infections becomes more complicated due to cases of outbreaks that are more often caused by salmonella and occur in public food facilities.


acute intestinal infections; incidence; salmonellosis; outbreaks

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