Psycho-vegetative status of children suffering from giardiasis

I.B. Yershova, O.V. Petrenko, H.O. Zaslavska


Background. The study of psycho-vegetative disorders in children with Giardia lamblia infection was the objective of the study. Materials and methods. The study involved 86 children with giardiasis aged 7–18 years. To evaluate the autonomic changes, there were applied a questionnaire by A. Wayne. The autonomic tone was determined by the table of Guillaume-Veyn, vegetative reactivity — using Dagnini-Aschner reflex, vegetative supply of reactivity — by means of orthostatic test. Psychological examination of children was conducted using the methodology “Personality disorder diagnosis” by Z. Karpenko, Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale, Beck Depression Inventory. Results. 75.6 % of сhildren had signs of autonomic dysfunction syndrome, 41.9 % — the parasympathetic autonomic tone, 43.0 % — the vagotonic type of autonomic reactivity. Inadequate maintenance of vegetative reactivity was detected in 39.5 % of patients. Psychological testing showed uncertainty in 55.9 % of child­ren, anxiety — in 42.6 %, decrease in self-esteem — in 41.2 %; depression — in 38.2 %, isolation — in 27.9 %. Conclusions. Vegetative disorders in children with giardiasis occur in 75.6 % of cases. There is a tendency to vagotonia. Changes of psycho-functional status are manifested by increasing isolation, depression, anxiety.


giardiasis; children; psycho-vegetative status; vagotonia; depression


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