Modern clinical and laboratory features of influenza in adults

О.К. Duda, V.О. Boyko, L.P. Kotsyubaylo, A.R. Vega


We examined and treated 472 patients with influenza, 72 of them had radiologically confirmed pneumonia, and 69 were hospitalized in the intensive care unit of Kyiv Municipal Clinical Hospital N 4. We analyzed clinical and laboratory pattern of flu in adults caused by influenza A virus (H1N1). Pneumonia is one of the most frequent complications of influenza, which significantly affects the prognosis. It was shown that unfavorable prognostic criteria are: late medical help (day 5–6 of the disease), the development of acute respiratory distress syndrome, increased white blood cell count and the presence of severe comorbidity.


influenza A (H1N1); clinical analysis; pneumonia; acute respiratory distress syndrome; adults; diagnosis; treatment, mortality


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