Aseptic menights in children: extension of diagnostic possibilities

A.B. Nadraga, O.Y. Khomyn


Forty-four children aged 12 months — 10 years old hospitalized with a preliminary diagnosis of meningitis were observed. The symptoms of the disease, the results of laboratory blood tests, liquor, and the activity of LDH of the liquor were analyzed. The disease severity in patients with aseptic meningitis was estimated by AMSS severity scale. A statistically significantly higher activity of lactic dehydrogenase in patients with meningitis was determined. The activity of LDH depended on the level of CSF cytosis, the concentration of protein in the liquor, the total number of leukocytes in the peripheral blood, indicating the possibility of using the LDG activity of the liver as an additional indicator for the diagnosis of serous meningitis in children.


children; serous meningitis; lactic dehydrogenase

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