Effect of sodium selenite on thyroid gland functioning and efficacy of chemotherapy in tuberculosis patients with a concomitant diabetes mellitus and autoimmune thyroiditis

S.L. Matveyeva, N.N. Tyazhlova, K.V. Yakovleva, S.O. Matveyev


In 40 tuberculosis patients with diabetes mellitus and autoimmune thyroiditis ultrasonic research of thyroid structure and measurement of levels of free thyroxine, thyroid stimulating hormone, antibodies to thyroglobulin and peroxidase and selenium in the serum of blood were conducted by immune-enzyme method at the beginning and at the end of the phase of intensive chemotherapy depending on the prescribing of sodium selenite. Efficacy of antituberculosis chemotherapy was estimated by general clinical, bacteriological and X-ray criteria. Autoimmune thyroiditis with the phenomena of subclinical hypothyroidism is diagnosed for all investigational persons. Prescribing of sodium selenite during the phase of intensive chemotherapy promotes the recovery of thyroid function. Rates of intoxication symptoms elimination, abacillation reduction and healing of the cavities at the end of intensive phase of chemotherapy were for certain higher in the group of patients with prescribing of sodium selenite.


pulmonary tuberculosis; diabetes mellitus; autoimmune thyroiditis


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