The signs of epidemiological activation in Ukraine in the recent period

O.I. Motyka, I.D. Henyk, O.M. Slesarchuk, O.S. Malova, R.B. Pavliy


The article analyzes the tetanus morbidity in Ukraine for the period 2010–2016 and in other European countries for the period 2010–2015. The activated tetanus epidemic process among children was found in Ukraine unlike other countries in the European region; there are registered cases of disease in the age group of 1–4 and 5–9 years old. The dynamics of the immunity against tetanus in Ukraine for the period 2009–2014 was studied. The tendency to rapid decrease of tetanus herd immunity level in all age groups and the formation of a significant unprotected segment were established.


tetanus, morbidity; activation of the epidemic process; herd immunity


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