Case report of acute neuroborreliosis in a school-age boy

S.O. Nykytyuk, M.M. Kostyk, S.V. Kizan, Z.Ya. Borys


The article presents a clinical case of acute mixed infection associated with anaplasma and Borrelia burgdorferi (PCR DNA+), primary disseminated lesion of the central nervous system, neuroborreliosis in a boy aged 11 years, who was hospitalized to the neurological department of Ternopil Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital with severe headache after sleep, general weakness, fatigability. In past medical history, there was a tick’s bite four weeks before hospitalization. The peculiarity of this case was a significant cephalalgia and the absence of hyperthermia during the onset of the disease, general encephalic symptomatology in the absence of clinical local defect on the background of mixed infection (borreliosis and anaplasmosis). High markers of the acute process were observed during the fourth week of illness. Medical suspicion concerning neuroborreliosis in patients with asthenoneurotic syndrome, who live in endemic places, should be increased. Neuroborreliosis should be suspected in any case, when focal loci are revealed in white substance and in brain stem.


children; neuroborreliosis; headache


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