Pulmonary lesions in HIV-positive persons (brief review)

O.V. Tsiko, V.M. Kozko


Pulmonary pathology in HIV-positive persons occupies a leading place in the structure of opportunistic diseases. The incidence of diseases of the lower respiratory tract increases with the increase in the level of immune deficiency. Diagnosis and differential diagnosis of pulmonary lesions are difficult when the level of CD4+ lymphocytes is less than 200 cells/μl. We have considered the clinical pattern, diagnosis and differential diagnosis of the lower respiratory tract pathology in HIV-positive persons, which is most common in the structure of pulmonary diseases at the present stage in Ukraine. There is a need for a unified protocol for early and differential diagnosis of lung injury in order to improve the quality of treatment in this category of patients.


HIV infection; AIDS; pulmonary diseases; diagnosis; review


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