Clinical and epidemiological features of the course of rotavirus infection and the justification of its prevention in children

L.O. Yushchenko, O.V. Oniskova, V.О. Tikholaz, G.G. Odnorogova, O.O. Gordiychuk, V.I. Bulavenko


It was found that rotavirus infection occupies a large part among infectious gastroenteritis in children, with an increasing the incidences in winter and spring. We have studied the main clinical and diagnostic characteristics of rotavirus gastroenteritis. Dyspeptic disorders, intoxication and dehydration symptoms dominated among the clinical manifestations in children. It was found that none of the hospitalized patients received specific prevention of rotavirus infection, while vaccination is the most effective and safe method of prevention. That is why the ways of vaccination against rotavirus infection in Ukraine should be considered.


rotavirus infection; children; vaccination; prevention


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