A case of leptospirosis in a young male, an inhabitant of Ternopil region

S.O. Nykytyuk, N.V. Volynets, Z.Ya. Borys, M.M. Pavelyeva


Leptospirosis is an acute anthroponotic infectious disease caused by bacteria of the Spirochetaceae family. According to the WHO, every year about 500,000 serious cases of leptospirosis are recorded in the world, with mortality more than 10 % (from 5 to 30 % in different regions).We investigated the objective findings in a febrile young male with severe hepatolial syndrome, to conduct a differential diagnosis. The disease was analyzed by an epidemiological and clinical-laboratory methods using a serological study (detection of RAL with leptospiros). In the presence of acute renal failure, which is accompanied by thrombocytopenia, hypertransaminasemia, leptospirosis should be excluded.


children; leptospirosis; hepatolienal syndrome

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