Tetanus in the practice of a pediatric infectious diseases doctor. Clinical cases

L.O. Palatna, S.O. Kramarov, V.V. Yevtushenko, I.V. Shpak, I.Yu. Kovaliukh, H.D. Mishcherska, K.B. Savinova, A.O. Kravchuk, A.M. Kordivska


The article presents the results of literature review on the clinical and epidemiological features of tetanus in children. Clinical picture, forms, complications, diagnostic questions and clinical cases of tetanus in children aged 11 years and 2 years 8 months are presented in detail. The purpose of the described clinical cases is to emphasize the need for vaccination to prevent tetanus and to remind about the awareness of this disease.


tetanus; children; immunization


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