Clinical and immunological efficacy of bacterial lysate OM-85 in children with respiratory tract infection

T.V. Sorokman, P.M. Moldovan, N.O. Popeluk, D.I. Kolesnik, І.S. Sokolnyk


Background. According to current epidemiological data, frequent respiratory infections occupy a leading position in the structure of childhood morbidity in Ukraine. The program of comprehensive children rehabilitation includes immune rehabilitation as the main measurement. Materials and methods. One-hundred and eight children aged from 1 to 3 years were diagnosed with an acute respiratory infection (АRI): the first group consisted of 57 children receiving standard therapy according to the current guidelines, the second group consisted of 51 children whose therapy was added with the drug OM-85 at a dosage of 3.5 mg per day. The levels of T-lymphocytes, T-helpers, T-suppressors, NK cells, B-lymphocytes, phagocytic index, phagocytic number, IgG, IgA, IgM were determined before and after administration of OM-85. Statistical processing of the obtained results was performed by the method of variation statistics using computer programs Microsoft Office Excel. Results. The study revealed a significant increase in the incidence of ARI among young children in winter and spring and changes in immunological reactivity such as suppression of phagocytic link, imbalance in the ratio of T-lymphocyte populations, dysimmunoglobulinemia. In children of group II, mani­festations of general weakness disappeared 0.99 days ear­lier, cough — 1.45 days, catarrhal phenomena — 1.23 days earlier compared to the patients of group I (p < 0.05). After the protocol treatment, there was a positive dynamics in the content of the studied parameters in patients of group I, but their normalization did not occur. Besides, supplementation with OM-85 the­rapy contri­buted to the normalization of the phagocytic level, the concentration of CD3+, CD4+ and CD21+ lymphocytes, the restoration of IgA and IgM levels. Conclusions. The use of OM-85 in the treatment of respiratory infections contributes to reducing the period of acute intoxication, reducing the likelihood of bacterial complications. Clinical feasibility of bacterial lysates is associated with stimulation of systemic mechanisms of adaptive and innate immunity.


children; acute respiratory infection


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