Analysis of the Epidemiological Situation on Syphilis in Lugansk Region. Twenty Years Later

V.H. Radionov, D.V. Radionov, Ye.M. Khaiminov, I.A. Prykhodko


Morbidity of syphilis in Lugansk region for the last 20 years has been analyzed. The incidence of the disease was the highest in 1997. A steady tendency to the lowering of the incidence of the disease was noted beginning from 1998. A growing number of morbidity resulted in the increase of the number of syphilis incidence in minors as well as of the early congenital syphilis. During the growth of disease there prevailed symptomatic forms, its decrease until the end of 2013 was associated with the growth of the share of subclinical forms, serological resistance, neuro- and visceral syphilis.


morbidity; syphilis; epidemiological peculiarities


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