Features of Influenza Season 2016 in Children

S.O. Kramariov, V.V. Yevtushenko, O.V. Vygovska, M.-A.I. Shvetsova, I.Yu. Kovaliukh


In 47 children with influenza A/H1N1 pd California 2009, who were hospitalized in the clinic of the department of pediatric infectious diseases of the National medical university named after O.O. Bohomolets — Kyiv municipal children’s clinical hospital of infectious diseases in January-February 2016, we have found no features of the clinical picture, characteristic of this influenza strain in this season. In most pediatric patients, the disease occurs in moderate form. Among the complications of influenza in children, more common are pneumonia and encephalitis reaction in the form of seizures. Underlying diseases of the respiratory, cardiovascular, endocrine and nervous systems and atopic dermatitis are adverse prognostic signs of the course of influenza A/H1N1 pd California in children 2009 in season 2016.


influenza; children; pandemic strain; oseltamivir; complications; clinical picture

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