The Etiology and Pathogenesis of Hepatitis and Liver Cirrhosis under the Influence of Dysentery Toxin

L.A. Alimova, Sh.T. Mukhamedkhanova, S.A. Behmanov, N.A. Abidova


Chronic intoxication of white rats by intravenous administration of dysentery toxin causes in animals within 2–4 months the development of liver cirrhosis. A particularly intensive development of cirrhosis is observed in simultaneous application of dysentery toxin and very low doses of heliotrope containing hepatotoxic alkaloids. Heliotrope was added to the food for animals and was given once in 7 days. The research results are considered as an evidence of the etiologic role of chronic toxic-infectious intestinal diseases in the development of liver cirrhosis.


hepatitis; liver cirrhosis; dysentery toxin


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