Features of Microbiology Teaching for the Foreign Students in Ukrainian

A.V. Gumenna, O.O. Blinder, D.V. Rotar


In the article the experience of microbiology teaching for foreign students in Ukrainian at the Department of Microbiology and Virology in Bucovinean State Medical University. During training foreign students face a number of problems: insufficient knowledge of Ukrainian, often poor preparation in profession-related and special disciplines, lack of individual work, absence of algorithm for using theoretical material in workshops and significant difference between the forms and methods of education in Ukrainian universities and in high school in native country of a student. The organization and practical classes with foreigners are based on the principle of individual approach to each student, provided by the use of class tasks of different complexity. Individual work of the students is provided by the presence of schoolbooks, with the ability to receive teacher’s advice and using technology in education. The teachers choose thoroughly the optimal form of material delivery as charts, handwriting structures, pictures, training slides, videos and multimedia presentations in order the students to take a lecture. Comprehensive control of knowledge by verbal questioning, assessment of practical work and the ability to analyze the results of research and conclusions promote best learning of a lesson. In order to standardize assessment of student’s learning tests in the form of license examination Krok‑1 are used. Continual improving of professional skills, use of various time-proved and new forms and methods of teaching allow solve current tasks of training among foreign nationals.


methods of teaching Ukrainian-speaking foreign students; foreign students


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