General Requirements to the Preparation of Tinctures, Decoctions. Dosage of Phytopreparations

I.B. Yershovа, T.F. Osypova


The article describes the advantages and disadvantages of using herbal medicine, general information for the collection of medicinal plants. According to the World Health Organization, the classification of herbal medicine is an integral part of traditional medicine. It refers to the variety of metabolic therapy. This treatment meets the requirements of pathogenetic therapy. Currently, more than 30 % of medicines on the pharmaceutical market have herbal origin. According to the World Health Organization, about 80 % of the world population use mainly traditional medicines of natural origin within the framework of primary health care system. Analysis of publications on phytotherapy revealed insufficient coverage of contraindications and side effects of certain plants. This was the basis for opening in our magazine this column, and we wanted to start with what would be the advantages and disadvantages of phytotherapy. Benefits of herbal medi­cine: biological proximity of the active substances of plants and active substances of the body, harmony therapy for the human body, the prolonged effect of herbal medicines after the completion of therapy, the opportunity to prepare a wide variety of different dosage forms, for both indoor and outdoor use, compatibility with many synthetic pharmaceuticals drugs, comprehensive multilateral action of plants, no side effects, simplicity and ease of preparation of herbal remedies at home, the availability for the majority of patients due to the low cost of the medicines. Limitations of herbal medicine: the complexity of the standardization of the treatment effect of herbal drugs, the complexity of establishing a dose, selectivity of diseases, in which typical herbal remedies are prescribed, the risk of poisoning, particularly in self-collection of medicinal plants. The article also provides methods for the preparation of various forms of herbal remedies, dosage for adults and children. With all the advantages of herbal medicine, it should not be opposed to the drug treatment. Only a doctor can determine the appropriate balance in the administration of drugs and herbs. Herbal preparations are prescribed only by a physician as an alternative or supplement to conventional treatment.


herbal therapy; tinctures; decoctions; dosing


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