The Practical Significance of Cytokine Profile Analysis of in a Number of Infectious Diseases

Yu.G. Pritulina, I.V. Krivoruchko, V.V. Shentsova, D.S. Astapchenko, L.A. Sakharova


In recent years the discovery of cytokines and the study of their role in the pathogenesis of a wide range of diseases defined priorities of their research in various pathology, including infectious diseases. This article provides an analysis of the study of cytokine status of various biological liquids and dynamics of its indices in a number of infectious diseases. Cytokine profile enables to evaluate nature of the clinical course of infection processes, to predict the outcome of the disease and to evaluate the effectiveness of therapy. This study was carried out at the department of infectious diseases of VSMA named after N.N. Burdenko to study the dynamics of cytokine profile indicators in blood serum and supernatants of hepatobioptates in patients with chronic hepatitis B and chronic hepatitis C, research of the local cytokine status of nasopharyngeal secretion and saliva from patients with influenza, as well as analysis of cytokine level in bullous exudate in patients with recurrent erysipelas. The study involved 268 people, who were divided into four groups.


cytokine status; chronic viral hepatitis; erysipelas; influenza


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