Contraceptive Vaccines

M.V. Supotnitsky


Researches to develop vaccines with contraceptive effect are being carried out since the 1920s. Since 1972, the contraceptive vaccines are one of the priority programs of the World Health Organization (WHO Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction). Rockefeller Foundation participates in implementing the program. Openly declared objective of creating such vaccines — the regulation of the population in the Third World countries. There are currently three main directions of contraceptive vaccine design: 1) vaccines targeted at blocking the production of gametes; 2) impairing their function; 3) violating the fertilization process. Contraceptive vaccines for more than 10 years are widely used to reduce fertility and castration of wild and domestic animals. In the commercial realization there are veterinary vaccines Equity®, Improvac®, GonaCon®, Repro-BLOC (based on gonadotropin-releasing hormone); SpayVac™ and IVT-PZP® (based on zona pellucida antigens). Clinical studies have shown effective contraceptive action (in women) of vaccines, in which human chorionic gonadotropin is used as an antigen. At the same time, there are found the side effects of such vaccines: for vaccines containing gonadotropin-releasing hormone and luteinizing hormone as antigenic components — castration, impotence; for vaccines containing follicle stimulating hormone — oligospermia; zona pellucida antigens — irreversible oophoritis. This paper discusses approaches to detection of sterilizing components in vaccines intended for mass prevention of infectious diseases, not reported by manufacturers, and the consequences of their use. Hidden use of contraceptive vaccines, which already took place, can be detected: 1) by the presence of antibodies to their antigenic components (in unvaccinated by contraceptive vaccines people such antibodies do not exist, except infertility cases); 2) by change in the hormonal levels of the vaccinated patients; 3) by malfunction and histopathological changes in the reproductive organs.


azoospermia; antigens; sperm; antibodies; oocyte zona pellucida; gonadotropin-releasing hormone; immunocontraception; contraceptive vaccine; luteinizing hormone; follicle stimulating hormone; human chorionic gonadotropin


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