Social and Clinical Problems in the Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C

D.S. Astapchenko


One of the most pressing and complex issues for healthcare in general and hepatology in particular remains the problem of the spread and treatment of chronic virus C hepatitis. At that, studying this issue — integrative problem, which is not only medical, but also social and economic. This work is carried out at the department of infectious diseases of Voronezh state medical academy named after. N.N. Burdenko. The study involved 80 patients with a diagnosis of chronic virus C hepatitis, who received combination antiviral therapy. The article considers the problem of treatment for chronic C hepatitis from the standpoint of sociology of medicine. The study provides an analysis of the survey of 80 patients carried out at the department of infectious diseases. The study identified a number of social and deontological problems to be solved both by improvements in laboratory and clinical diagnosis, and methods of attracting medical sociology.


virus C hepatitis; sociology of medicine; combined antiviral therapy


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