Therapist’s Take on the Treatment of Acute Viral Rhinitis in Pregnant Women


  • Yu.O. Manishchenkova State Institution «Lugansk State Medical University», Department of Internal Medicine with Fundamentals of Cardiorheumatology
  • V.I. Kolomiyets State Institution «Lugansk State Medical University», Department of Internal Medicine with Fundamentals of Cardiorheumatology
  • L.M. Ashurkina Lugansk State Clinical Multifield Hospital № 1, Lugansk, Ukraine



rhinitis, pregnancy, treatment


The paper analyses the influence of acute respiratory infections on pregnancy course. Special attention is paid to the impact of endogenous intoxication syndrome and substantiation of a choice for a study of its presence. We have analyzed and described the role of nitric oxide in pathogenesis of inflammatory and immune processes in pregnancy complicated by acute respiratory viral infection. Attention is paid to the special requirements in the treatment of these patients.
The method for treatment of acute viral rhinitis in pregnant women through the use of a combination of drugs and engystol and sinupret has been offered.
It is found that conducting a comprehensive treatment of pregnant women with acute respiratory viral infection, acute rhinitis using engystol in combination with herbal drug sinupret has pathogenetic orientation due to antiinflammatory, detoxification, antiviral, antihistaminic, secretolytic and immunomodulatory effects of these drugs.
We found that, among other treatments for acute respiratory viral infections in pregnant women, proposed therapy is highly effective, has no side effects and is well tolerated by pregnant women. Method is available, not harm, helps to optimize the treatment of pregnant women, providing its desirability and feasibility of mass use.


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