Prediction of Drug Therapy for Chronic Hepatitis C Depending on the IL28B Gene Polymorphism

Moroz L.V. Moroz L.V., K.Yu. Romanchuk


The article analyzed the prognostic significance of IL28b gene polymorphism with regard to the success of antiviral therapy in 152 patients with chronic hepatitis C (63.8 % men and 36.2 % women).
Molecular and genetic analysis of IL28V (rs12979860) gene polymorphism, located at a distance of 3 thousand nucleotide pairs from IL28V gene, using the polymerase chain reaction allows to predict the success of combination antiviral therapy, and the presence of C/C genotype can be a predictor of sustained virological response in patients chronic hepatitis C.


chronic hepatitis C; IL28B gene; treatment


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