Ancilostomidosis is rare helminthiasis in Ukraine (Сlinical case)

І.М. Gvozdovska, L.V. Pypa, O.V. Piddubna, Zh.A. Gega, O.Ye. Gancheva, M.D. Andrieiev, O.V. Prokopiuk


This article describes the current data on epidemiology, clinical manifestations and diagnosis of tropical helminthiasis — ancilostomidiasis. It is described a case of ancilostomidiasis brought to Khmelnytsk region, where it was diagnosed by detectinig the ankilostom’s eggs in feces of all members of the family after the examination of the mother who had applied to the hospital with complaints of the general weakness, dizziness, inappetence, sleep disturbances, recurrent abdominal pain, loose stool with mucus and blood, weight loss of 10 kg for the last 4 years. With the same complaints the woman was repeatedly examined and treated in various hospitals of the city. After a comprehensive treatment in the hospital for infectious diseases the woman’s condition normalized, she had no complaints, the weight increased.


ancilostomidiasis; diagnosis; treatment


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