Echinococcosis in the Orenburg Region: Epidemiological, Immunological and Taxonomic Aspects

A.G. Korneyev, M.V. Trishin, V.V. Solovykh, Yu.S. Krivulya, I.V. Bozhenova


The objective of the study was to examine the manifestations of the epidemic process of echinococcosis in the population of the Orenburg region. The incidence has been studied for the period of 1994–2012 according to various sources — the official data and the data of healthcare institutions of the region, in which the surgery for echinococcosis was carried out. A serological study of serum samples of persons who hadn’t echinococcosis previously, and genetic typing of echinococci by polymerase chain reaction were carried out. The difference in incidence rates has been obtained according to different sources. The incidence of echinococcosis among the population of the Orenburg region, according to the data of medical surgical facilities, significantly exceeded the notification rate and tended to increase. There were no significant differences between the incidence in adult and child population. The incidence of echinococcosis among individual groups and professions (breeders, shepherds, hunters and their families) had no significant differences with the incidence of the rest adult population. In the districts of the region, where the incidence rate was significantly higher than average regional one, echinococcosis seroprevalence was also significantly higher than in the other territories. From humans and animals one strain of echinococcus — G1 (total, domestic sheep) — has been isolated.


echinococcosis; epidemiology; serology


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