Morphological Changes in the Liver at Different Therapies and Long-Term Course of Chronic Hepatitis C

S.A. Cherniak, N.I. Prokopchik, V.M. Tsyrkunov


The purpose of the research — to determine the features of morphological changes in the liver, depending on the therapy and duration of chronic hepatitis С.
Methods of the Research. Morphological examination of 53 patients with varying duration and the natural course of chronic hepatitis C and 22 patients with different duration of chronic hepatitis С who received interferon therapy.
Results of the Research. With increasing duration of chronic hepatitis С, the growth process of chronicity in the liver from low-grade to severe fibrosis was found. The most pronounced fibrotic changes were recorded in patients who are not prescribed interferon therapy. Antiviral therapy has had a significant positive impact on the reduction of indicators characterizing the activity and chronicity of hepatitis С, regardless of length of illness.


hepatitis C; interferon therapy; liver morphology


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