Allergic Reactions in Parasitosis in Children

I.B. Yershova, A.A. Mochalova, I.A. Lokhmatova


In the world, there are registered about 500 species of helminth parasites in humans, and the prevalence of helminth-protozoal infections is quite high.
Parasitosis leads to more frequent incidence of somatic diseases and exacerbation of chronic diseases, having multifaceted effects on the host organism, including his immune system. Allergic inflammation in parasitosis develops by the classical way and is aimed at creating conditions leading to death and/or elimination of the parasite.
With this in mind, the objective of the work was to study allergic background and immunological parameters in children with ascariasis and giardiasis before and after anthelmintic therapy using Vormil.
We have selected 134 children, all the children were divided into three groups. Group 1 comprised 28 people with intestinal ascariasis, group 2 — 25 children with symptomatic giardiasis. The control group included 81 children without parasitic infestation.
The studies found that the clinical signs of allergic inflammation occur 1.9 times more frequently in children with ascariasis and symptomatic giardiasis as compared to children without parasitosis. In children with ascariasis and giardiasis IgE level before treatment was increased. Ascariasis and giardiasis in surveyed children were accompanied by an imbalance in indicators of T- and B-lymphocytes, reduced level of T- and B-cells.
Use of Vormil contributed to the normalization of immunological parameters, which can be considered the result of the elimination of the sensitizing influence of helminthic and parasitic infestations.


ascariasis; giardiasis; allergic reactions; children; diagnosis


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