Dirofilariasis in Astrakhan Region: This Problem Today

R.S. Arakelian, Kh.M. Galimzianov, A.S. Arakelian


Objective: to analyze the current situation on dirofilariasis in Astrakhan region.
Materials and methods. On the territory of Astrakhan region from 2001 to 2012 there was registered dirofilariosis in 43 people, among them 74.4 % women, 25.6 % men. From 2013 dirofilariosis has not being registered in the Astrakhan region.
Results of the study. The parasite localized in the eyelid area in 46.5 % cases, on the forehead in 14.0 %, in the scalp area in 9.4 %, on the upper extremities in 16.3 % cases. Patients complained of pain, burning, redness and swelling in the affected area. More than half of all patients (53.5 %) noted the migration of parasite under skin. There were diagnosed lipoma (30.2 %), dirofilariosis (37.2 %), atheroma (14.0 %), foreign body and neoplasm (4.7 %). In a few cases (2.3 %) there were diagnosed allergic edema, boil, dracontiasis and varicose veins.
Urbanites were two much as ruralists among the patient with dirofilariosis. In 88.4 % cases of treatment live worms removed from a man were delivered. The size of extracted worms ranged from 40 to 150 mm.
Conclusions. In recent years there has been an increase in the number of cases of dirofilariosis among people. We have developed a modified method of dirofilariasis diagnosis in animals, that reduces the time intervals to diagnosing.


dirofilariosis; helminthiasis; Dirofilaria repen; parasite


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