R.S. Arakelian, Kh.M. Halimzianov, V.N. Stulov, A.S. Arakelian


The objective of the study — to analyze the cases with pseudoparasitosis, registered in recent years in the Astrakhan region. Materials and Methods. Patients with pseudoparasitosis often visit clinicians-parasitologists with stories about the endless visits of the «absurd», «inattentive», «disinterested» or «ignorant» doctors.
Results of the study. Patients with pseudoparasitosis in most cases believe that doctors don’t help them in their trouble purposely, trying to prolong the disease and to make more money. These patients after each visit to the toilet start to look for such parasites in the toilet bowl, allegedly came out of them during defecation. Recently, we have heard that almost all human diseases are caused by the presence in their bodies of different parasites, diagnosis of which is very difficult. Such information can contribute to the development of mass induced psychosis in individuals with susceptible mind. Those who derive some benefit from such publications, imposing patients with pseudoparasitosis expensive diagnostic tests and obviously unnecessary treatment regimens, do not think about this.
Conclusion. Based on the above stated, you should carefully listen to the patient, to carry out his examination and to try to persuade of the wrongness of his judgments about the disease.


parasitosis; laboratory; research; parasites; material


Лысенко А.Я., Владимова М.Г., Кондрашин А.В., Майори Дж. Клиническая паразитология. — Женева: ВОЗ, 2002. — С. 629-638.

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