Clinical and Laboratory Characteristics of Leishmaniasis in Armenia


  • A.L. Kazinian Clinical Hospital of Infectious Diseases «Nork», Yerevan, Armenia
  • A.L. Mkhitarian Clinical Hospital of Infectious Diseases «Nork», Yerevan, Armenia
  • V.A. Asoian Clinical Hospital of Infectious Diseases «Nork», Yerevan, Armenia



visceral leishmaniasis, clinical picture, laboratory parameters


This work presents the clinical and laboratory characteristics of visceral leishmaniasis according to the data from Clinical hospital of infectious diseases «Nork» in Yerevan for 2013. It is shown that Armenia is a country endemic for visceral leishmaniasis. Most patients (81 %) were males. About half of the patients were young children (up to 2 years). It was found that the majority of patients had acute onset of the disease with fever up to
40 °C, severe symptoms of intoxication and single hemorrhages on the skin. Enlargement of the liver and spleen was noted in all patients. The enlargement of the spleen was more pronounced, and it reached the level of the pelvis. One of the cardinal symptoms of visceral leishmaniasis — anemia — developed in all patients admitted to the hospital, and a significant change in the hemogram was observed in young children.


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