Modern Aspects of Pulmonary Mycobacteriosis (Analytical Review)

L.D. Todoriko, O.S. Shevchenko


The analysis of available scientific literature sources on the modern aspects of pulmonary mycobacteriosis is described in the article. The incidence of mycobacteriosis is 2.3 per 100 thousand of population, and pulmonary manifestation is observed in 94 % of cases. Analytical review has shown that in the clinic of internal and infectious diseases, there are increasingly diagnosed different variants of mycobacteriosis that indicates an increase of atypical mycobacteria role in the formation of respiratory patho­logy in humans. It is ascertained that microbiological study of the basic characteristics of nontuberculosis mycobacteria are not paid enough attention. It was concluded that most often mycobacterioses have tuberculosis-like clinical pattern and are difficultly diagnosed, often form mixed infection with tuberculosis; atypical mycobacteria are characterized by a wide range of resistance and potential pathogenicity for humans and animals. Risk factors of pulmonary mycobacteriosis, variants of clinical course, modern methods of the diagnosis and treatment approaches depending on the course are analyzed. It is shown that treatment of pulmonary mycobacteriosis is long and lasts for 12 months after receiving a negative sputum culture (conversion often takes place in 3–6 months).


mycobacteriosis; nontuberculous mycobacteria; classification; diagnosis; treatment


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