Adenovirus Infection in Adults: Research of the Reactive Response of Polymorphonuclear Neutrophils

A.S. Sidorchuk


Background. The ratio of adenovirus disease in the structure of acute respiratory viral infections is substantial, and this group of infections annually makes up to 30 % of general infectious morbidity rate. Today, the peculiarities of heterospecific anti-infectious defense are understudied in patients with adenovirus infection. The aim: to study the reactive response of polimorphonuclear granulocytes of the peripheral blood in adult patients with adenovirus infection. Materials and methods. This case-control study involved 37 young volunteers with the signs of acute respiratory viral infection in the moment of appeal to practitioner (based on the criteria of unified protocol). We have analyzed the absolute and relative amounts of basic populations of immunocompetent cells of the peripheral blood, conducted the calculation of immune-haematological indexes characterizing the reactive response of basic cells of heterospecific immunity. Results. An inflammatory process is associated with the increase in the absolute amount of leucocytes by 19.76 %, band neutrophils — by 2.18 times; lymphocytes — by 30.30 % and monocytes — by 48.15 %. The increase in the reactivity of neutrophilic granulocytes by 83.92 % was detected that indicates the activation of these cells by the system of cytokines in heterospecific anti-infectious defense, and that is why its general activity increases by 12.62 %. Conclusions. The above mentioned testifies the forming of different types of immune response to adenovirus antigens. A specific immune response is formed later, that is confirmed by the decrease in the index of immunological reactivity of patients’ body by 14.86 %. Methodology for the estimation of the reactive response of neutrophils can be used in practical work of doctors for early prognostication of possible changes in the system of anti-infectious defense of patients’ body.


adenovirus infection; reactive response; peripheral blood neutrophils; adaptive immune responseadenovirus infection; reactive response; peripheral blood neutrophils; adaptive immune response


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