No 4.13 (2016)

Table of Contents


Herpes Simplex Encephalitis in Children PDF (Українська)
L.V. Zakordonets, N.G. Lytvynenko, S.O. Kramarov, O.V. Neskhodovska, B.R. Korol, V.S. Panchenko, V.V. Nebasuy, N.V. Chemerkina, I.A. Ayriyants 7-12


Modern Aspects of Pulmonary Mycobacteriosis (Analytical Review) PDF (Українська)
L.D. Todoriko, O.S. Shevchenko 13-21

To Help the Practitioner

Biological material for microslides to diagnose human infectious and parasitic diseases PDF (Українська)
R.S. Arakelian, M.V. Stulova, S.F. Karpenko, E.D. Gasanova, Ye.I. Okunskaia, N.I. Gerasina, V.Zh. Adaidaeva, A.Yu. Kuzina 22-26
Acute Intestinal Infections in Children: Current Limitations in Implementing the Concept of Preventing the Antibiotic Resistance PDF (Українська)
O.V. Usachova 29-34
A Rational Approach to the Treatment of Acute Tonsillopharyngitis in Children PDF (Українська)
O.E. Chernyshova 35-42

Original Researches

Level of Immunological Protection against Diphtheria in the Population of Dnipropetrovsk Region PDF (Українська)
G.O. Revenko, V.V. Mavrutenkov, O.P. Shtepa 43-46
Features of the Immune Response to Helicobacter рylori Infection in Children with Chronic Gastroduodenal Pathology PDF (Українська)
T.V. Sorokman, M.-O.V. Popelyuk, O.V. Makarova 47-52
Analysis of cases of Lyme borreliosis in children in Ternopil region PDF (Українська)
S.O. Nykytyuk 53-56
Features of Vitamin D Content in Chronic Viral Hepatitis C PDF (Українська)
L.R. Shostakovych-Koretska, M.A. Nikolaichuk, I.V. Budaieva, O.P. Shevchenko-Makarenk, V.D. Tkachenko 57-59
Adenovirus Infection in Adults: Research of the Reactive Response of Polymorphonuclear Neutrophils PDF (Українська)
A.S. Sidorchuk 60-64
Question about the Clinical Characteristics of Crimean Hemorrhagic Fever PDF (Українська)
A.I. Bogdanova, G.K. Irgazieva, A.V. Matsui, T.D. Haymina 65-68
Medicinal Plants in the Flora of Luhansk Region PDF (Українська)
S.Yu. Naumov 69-72

Herbal medicine from A to Z

Phytotherapy of Acute Respiratory Viral Diseases PDF (Українська)
I.B. Ershova, T.F. Osypova 73-82

Parasite Invasions

Top of the most dangerous food invaders PDF (Українська)
A.A. Zaslavskaia, I.B. Yershova, Ye.I. Abilova, I.A. Lokhmatova 85-92

Proceedings of the Conference

Proceedings of the Transregional Scientific and Practical Conference with International Participation «Topical Issues of the Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases and HIV Infection» (October 28, 2016, Orenburh, Russia) PDF (Українська)
I.V. Bozhenova, M.I. Samoylov, N.N. Vereshchagin et al 95-100
Proceedings of the Republican Scientific and Practical Conference with International Participation «Modern Aspects of the Pathogenesis, Clinical Manifestations, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of Parasitic Diseases» (October 28, 2016, Vitebsk, Belarus PDF (Українська)
E.M. Butenkova, V.M. Mitsura, S.L. Achinovich et al 101-119